Hampshire College Cluster Computing Facility

Institute for Computational Intelligence
Adele Simmons Hall
School of Cognitive Science
Hampshire College

Lee Spector, Director (lspector@hampshire.edu)
Jaime Davila (jdavila at hampshie.edu)
Chris Perry (perry at hampshire.edu)

Systems Support
Wm. Josiah Erikson (wjerikson at hampshire.edu)

The Hampshire College Cluster Computing Facility houses a high-performance computer cluster called fly. It has a total of 966 processing cores across 50 nodes. This cluster is available to both faculty and students, and is used primarily for artificial intelligence research and graphics/animation.

More information about fly, including the current status of the cluster, is available from: http://fly.hampshire.edu/ganglia/.

The Facility resides in Adelle Simmons Hall on the Hampshire College campus. The room was custom designed and built for housing computing clusters with dedicated cooling, discrete AC power, and a concrete slab floor.

Funding for the Hampshire College Cluster Computing Facility has been provided by several sources including Hampshire College support for the Institute for Computational Intelligence, a grant from the National Science Foundation for Acquisition of Instrumentation for Research in Genetic Programming, Quantum Computation, and Distributed Systems, and a grant from the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency and the Air Force Research Laboratory for the study of Multi-type, Self-adaptive Genetic Programming for Complex Applications.

The Cluster Computing Facility was formerly known as the Beowulf Computer Laboratory.