Linnaea Stockall

Visiting Assistant Professor
School of Cognitive Science
Adele Simmons Hall
Hampshire College
Amherst, MA, 01002

Visiting Research Associate
Eyetracking Lab
Department of Psychology
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Amherst, MA, 01003

lstockall (at) hampshire (dot) edu

Office Hours: Wednesday 1:30-2:30; Thursday 2:00-3:00
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My work focuses on the earliest stages of linguistic information extraction and processing involved in the retrieval of individual words and parts of words, and in the combination of those pieces to form complex utterances. I am interested in how we store and process morphological constituents, how early, automatic morphological processing mechanisms handle irregularity, and how we assemble morphological constituents into interpretable words and phrases. I am also interested in how lexical semantic information is extracted and integrated into compositional semantic interpretations, and in how the semantics of roots interacts with the semantics of functional morphemes.




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