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Hampshire College Institute for Computational Intelligence: Computational Intelligence Lab

Lee Spector (lspector@hampshire.edu)
Professor of Computer Science, School of Cognitive Science, Hampshire College
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The Institute for Computational Intelligence (ICI) at Hampshire College supports advanced artificial intelligence research by Hampshire College undergraduates and UMassAmherst computer science graduate students in collaboration with faculty through courses, independent study activities, and interactions with the broader research community. Utilizing facilities that include The Hampshire College Cluster Computing Facility, ICI members have produced a large number of collaborative publications and other project results. ICI has received generous support from Hampshire College and from grants to Lee Spector.

Research activities are coordinated through regular meetings of the Computational Intelligence Lab (CI Lab) group.

Lab Websites

http://push-language.hampshire.edu (some content is open, but only lab members have access to full site)


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