MRI/RUI: Acquisition of Instrumentation for Research in Genetic Programming, Quantum Computation, and Distributed Systems.

A project supported by the National Science Foundation.

Principal Investigator: Lee Spector (, School of Cognitive Science, Hampshire College


Under this grant from the National Science Foundation (Major Research Instrumentation program and Research in Undergraduate Institutions program) Hampshire College will purchase a 16-node cluster computer system for use in student and faculty research. This computer cluster will enable advanced work in three areas: 1) genetic programming, 2) quantum computation, and 3) distributed systems. The computer cluster to be acquired is a research tool that is not typically found at the undergraduate level, and as such it will significantly benefit Hampshire's commitment to fostering undergraduate original research as a fundamental part of the liberal arts degree.


Principal Investigator: Lee Spector (

Research Assistant: Jon Klein


The Hampshire College Cluster Computing Facility

Additional Information

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